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    How much does it cost to buy a floor type visual dispenser?

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      In fact, the customer asked how much price it was a little difficult to quote, why?Because you do not know how much visual dispenser you need, the floor type structure specification is not standard, and you need to make a suitable size visual dispenser according to the size of the product, so that you can ensure that the quotation is appropriate, quote in advance, which runs counter to the original price, more or less, it is difficult to do business for a long time, the right price is the best.
      In general, making a quotation means understanding the products of customers, telling us what they need, making a good machine price evaluation before they can make a quotation, giving a price at will, and later requiring a higher price. This is very disrespectful to customers, and also reflects the non-professional technology. Service is the basis of enterprise survival, resolving the corresponding problems for customers and within the reasonable price range for customers.Only do two things at once, so understanding the real needs of customers and making quotations can show our respect for customers and let customers know the advantages of machines.
      Machine and equipment specifications are very different, such as single-station, duplex-station, floor-type, etc. The costs of the three are completely different. When only a single-station visual dispenser is needed, but the duplex price is quoted, the manufacturer must be unhappy. If a duplex-station is needed, but the price of the unit is quoted. Our manufacturer is losing money, buying and selling are not possible, and the speed of each machine is also different, some are 500mm/s.Some high-speed is 1000mm/s, different devices, different price costs, domestic and foreign parts prices are several times different, the accuracy is also the same, not that we did not sincerity do not quote price, but because the price has to be understood in order to be able to quote.
      You are interested in the convenience of visual dispenser. You can consult customer service.Visual dispensing machine manufacturing technology is very rich, can quickly assess the price, for the characteristics of the industry, make suitable dispensing equipment for factory production, welcome to call.
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